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Jery Cover

Jery Cover provides support to people through his writings and assistance with nutrition, physical, discipline and motivation. Jery is a native Idahoan and has been working in the nutrition industry for 8 years. He received a BS in Nutrition in Kaplan University in Idaho and got his PhD last 2010. Jery developed a strong sense of devotion in nutrition and helping people who is struggling on it and on physical discipline and motivation. In doing so, he also did his own writings and is associated with a couple of online communities to share his knowledge and reach out to more people.

My Belief

Health is just about the most important thing you can take care to live a long, quality, and happy life. It doesn’t just involve taking care of your body physically, it’s also about being healthy from the inside out; mind, body, and soul. Wellness is all about taking care of yourself by keeping physically healthy and fit, as well as achieving a positive state of mind by bettering your lifestyle quality. All you have to do is make some healthy and educated choices that will benefit your overall health and wellness. Once you commit to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll find yourself living a happier life.

Why Venus Staff ?

Venus Staff was founded by Jery, a passionate health and lifestyle guru, and has since grown to a team of different collaborators from various places around the world with diverse backgrounds. They have come together because of their shared passion for health and lifestyle. Jery has brought together talented writers from all kinds of different backgrounds; from sports lovers to fitness buffs to food lovers and yogis to fashion lovers, DIY gurus, and lifestyle bloggers to collaborate on his site, Venus Staff, to share their knowledge on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Jery has since grown the site from his knowledge and perspective to different experiences and knowledge from his collaborators that will give you a lot of perspectives when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

My Aim

My aim is to write articles that are well-researched and informative. I want to share with you relevant information about all things, health, wellness, and lifestyle that we have gathered throughout the years and from the perspective and knowledge. I am dedicated to spreading awareness about healthy choices you should be making in your everyday life to improve your wellness. Our writers update the site regularly and are on top of all the new health, wellness, and lifestyle news and trends so you can stay informed and make educated choices to improve your lifestyle. We at Venus Staff aim to help you live the best quality life you deserve.